The Affordable Art Fair (The Toowoomba Gallery), 31 Aug - 3 Sept 23, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

Pranzo, meaning Lunch, depicts the gathering of family and conversing over food, before an afternoon siesta. Each item, from gorgonzola, to insalata and pappardelle con gamberi, is sculpturally painted to spark the senses with nostalgic intent. Created and curated from 2022 - 2023, the collection consists of 8 original acrylic paintings.

'The Affordable Art Fair returns each year to Australia’s cultural capital Melbourne. Showcasing a selection of galleries from across Australia, the fair features a mixture of emerging to established artists. Whether you’re a lover of landscapes, smitten with sculpture or an adorer of abstracts, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your taste, space and spend!' - AAF.


pranziamo;  lunch · (we) lunch · let's have lunch.

'Pranzo II'

benvenuto a pranzo;  welcome to lunch · 'welcome lunch' · shall we have lunch?

'Pranzo III'

insalata, per favore;  salad, please · I'd like salad please.

'Pranzo IV'

ecco l'olio d'oliva;  here's the olive oil · *passing the olive oil across the table*

'Pranzo V'

prima il vino;  wine first · but first, wine · firstly, (let's have) wine.

'Pranzo VI'

che buono;  it's good · this is so good · so tasty · delicious · *to show appreciation for the food or wine*

'Pranzo VII'

così dolce;  it's so sweet · (the food or drink) is sweet

'Pranzo VIII'

grazie mille;  thank you very much · many thanks · *expressing thankfulness around the table*

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