Represented through Greenhouse Interiors, July 23, Geelong, VIC.

Vacay, the Italian way.


Picture this:

A plethora of fresh fruit on your balcony as the sun rises up over the cobalt blue sea of the Amalfi coastline.


Picture this:

Sipping fine wine and pairing aged cheeses in the undulating hills of the Tuscan countryside.


Picture this:

A gondola ride into the sunset through the floating city of Venice. Complemented with a hearty Gnocchi al Granchio.


Picture this:

Late nights sauntering the romantic cobblestone streets of Rome. An inimitable blend of food, history and culture.


Picture this:
An artisanal serving of subdued earthy coloured gelato right into the palm of your hand. The perfect pick me up.


Picture this:

‘Ciao Bella!’, a buoyant greeting as you enter the local pizzeria for your second generous slice of Margherita. 


Picture this:

Kicking back in your best bikini, beachside Capri with an Aperol Spritz. Italian Summer in a glass.


Picture this:

Fruity, spicy and salty all in one - Calabrian chillies, they pack a punch on pizza, pasta, or dipping crusty bread with olio.

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